Registrierung geöffnet (Stichtag 1. Mai): 29er EuroCup in Denmark

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Nachrichten vom Organisationsteam aus Dänemark für den EuroCup 3:

As some of you might know, Denmark has been making it through Covid-19 relatively easy compared to many other countries, so we currently now have a people gathering rule for outside events of maximum 50 people, which would make it possible for us to arrange a race with 20 boats and 10 people in the race committee for our 29er EuroCup, June 5-6th.

Under special circumstances, it is possible to arrange events for up to 500 people, in case you are able to separate the participants in groups of maximum 50 people at all times, so both ON the water and ON shore. This would make it possible to accommodate all sailors having signed up for the event, thus sailing in different fleets. We could also hope that the Danish authorities might allow for a larger number of people gathered for the same event before June 5-6th.

That is the reason we have opened for registration for the event at this site:!/ now, but yet without payment of the participation fee.

May 1st we will decide whether we are able to accommodate everyone or we have to limit the number of participants to 20 boats. At that day, we will also make payment possible should we be able to run the event with all participants.

The main problem is related to the current regulations relating to foreigners entering Denmark. Right now foreigners can enter Denmark with a negative corona test less than 24 hours old, BUT then needs to go into isolation for 10 days. BUT, after 4 days, they can take a free PCR-corona test, and if that is negative (response time 24-48 hours), they can skip the rest of the isolation, so that in reality means (4+2) 6 days of isolation. It is allowed to be in isolation together in their contact “bubble” (= family + sailor team mate etc.)

Whether that is possible to live with for foreigners, is probably doubtful. We need that rule to be changed….Which is what we need to hope for.

Of course we will abide with every rule and precaution in place in Denmark regarding Covid-19, which means that the boats will be spread out with more than 2 m between them on shore, there will be no joint food events and likely no skippers meetings or price giving ceremony, but more information will come.

Please note that this likely will be the ONLY EuroCup before the Worlds in Aarhus, Denmark, July 30th to August 7th, 2021, so participating in the EuroCup in Rungsted, Denmark will be a unique opportunity to find out the performance level of the sailing teams AND to adapt to how races are carried out in Denmark, BEFORE Worlds 2021.

I would therefore appreciate if you could forward this mail to your sailors and coaches, or post this information on your respective national websites or Facebook pages, to inform your sailors about the situation, encourage them to sign up now, and then wait for more information on May 1st.


Best Regards

Ann-Marie Mohr & Claus Ladefoged

Co Event Directors for the EuroCup in Rungsted, Denmark

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