Invitation to Nordic 29er Meeting 2021 Open

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Liebe Segler*innen,

nachfolgend eine Einladung der dänischen 29erKV zum Nordic 29er Meeting:


Dear 29er national representatives in Europe

I hereby have the pleasure to inform and invite you and your sailors to come and join us for this new event.

Since the major 29er Worlds 2021 event in Aarhus/Denmark was cancelled due to challenging Covid-19 restrictions, we in the local sailing club have been working on replacing the Worlds with a smaller event. Everybody just wants to go sailing again after more than a year without regattas. We managed to put together this new event, and we baptised it: Nordic 29er Meeting 2021 Open. There will be optional training from July 30 to August 3 and regatta from August 4 to August 7.

We understand many of your sailors may have made other plans since the Worlds cancellation, but we want to reach out to you and let you know that we’re still here in Aarhus/Denmark. 🙂

We have been asked to take on the 29er part of another major event “Junior Nordic Championship 2021” which is a yearly held regatta for several other classes including 29er. However, this championship was also cancelled as a major event due to Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore we combine the 29er activities in this new event Nordic 29er Meeting 2021 Open. Maybe if it turns out great, we will make it a tradition? You know, the long Nordic summer nights, good quality wind and water conditions, and the always amazingly friendly and competitive 29er community at the same time we have in Europe. What’s not to like?

One fun fact about our city is that the SailGP event with 50 feet foiling catamarans will come to Aarhus a few weeks later. All their equipment and cats will start arriving when we’re also in town with the 29er for the Nordic Meeting. We’re not promising too much right now, but we may look into opportunities to have those pro sailors hang around the 29er area and even on our race courses. Just saying…

Link to the Notice Of Race:!/onb?tab=documents&classId=71f29365-8e1b-432e-a56d-40f000584181


With love from Aarhus, The City of Smile!

Best regards

Joachim Berg

Danish 29er Class

+45 24 44 88 66

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