29’er DEN 2927 for sale

 In Boot

The boat is from 2019 and hasn’t sails this past year. It’s fully waterproof and has Harken griptape all over. The footstraps are adjustable from Neil Pryde. The trailer has punctureproof tires. The trapezes are stainless steel and cast to not break. The fullcover still looks new and Is waterproof. There are bags for all sails and the foils.

Along with the boat, the following sails are also included:

  • 1 practice jib
  • 1 practice main
  • 1 regatta jib
  • 1 regatta main
  • 2 regatta spinnakers

It’s possible to buy a lot of other extra equipment eg. reserve mast and completely new sails.

The boat is in Aarhus

Price 10.500 euro

Maja Kløvelund

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